Update: 10/17/2014

Chad continues with his recovery process....

Because of Chad's rib fracture and pneumonia, this stay has taken on a longer time frame than we had anticipated. However, he continues to improve so that is our focus.


**Continues to work very hard in getting better. He is busy all day long with occasional rest breaks. He is forging ahead with steps to eliminate the pneumonia and lessen the pain from the rib fracture.
**Works hard on his physical therapy daily. This is probably the area that has shown the most improvement during the past couple of weeks. He is now able to walk without any support (IV pole or wheelchair). His daily sessions have been lengthened in order to build up his endurance. In addition to walking the halls and working on various step equipment, he recently began walking up and down several ramps within the hospital; this provides the best workout thus far.
**No longer has swelling in his legs and arms.
**Remains on oxygen.
**Has been now transitioned off of IV medications onto pills.
**No longer has pain from his incisions.
**A few more nebulized medications have been added to his breathing treatments to tackle the pneumonia.

The staff is getting to know Chad well; the care has been very good all around.

Thank you for the continued prayers and support!

Chad and Family

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Chad Sellhorst

Chad's brilliant grin is currently sparkling splendid above! May your family be wrapped in the cherishing and ameliorating arms of Jesus write a paper for me You are all in my supplications.

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Glad to hear you are following the right path - even though sometimes it seems like a very long road ahead. We send prayers and strength daily. 

How is that back scratcher working Chad?

Love you all!!

Jeanie Sturgeon