Update: 10/7/2014

Chad continues with his recovery process.....

Last week was a tougher week for Chad. The highlight of the week was twice completing a process whereby the doctor inserted an instrument into the right lung to extract accumulated fluid and obtain a tissue sample. The right lung (the affected lung near the rib fracture) is showing some pneumonia. He will have a couple more of these procedures in the coming days.


**Slept most of the week
**Continues with physical therapy--he is improving with each session
**Moved to another room with a beautiful view--many trees, river, and a bridge. This was a good change for him mentally
**Remains on oxygen
**Ventured out of the room during the weekend and headed to the cafeteria

As of today--Monday 10/6-- he was feeling much better because of the fluid extraction last week. Tomorrow, he will be weaned down to less oxygen. The doctors continue to be pleased with his progress.

Thank you for the prayers and support!

Chad and Family

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Thinking of You!

Chad & Family

We just wanted to let you know that you continue to be in our thoughts & prayers daily for a successful recovery. You and your family continue to amaze us with your faith and strength! 

God Bless!

Lauri & Ron Charvat