Update: 9/25/14

Chad continues with his recovery process.....

As with any major surgery, there are ususually "bumps in the road" that occur. This is what we faced this past week.

**It was discovered that Chad has a fractured rib (most likely happened during surgery)
**Increased swelling in legs and one arm

Steps have been taken to deal with the above.
His day is busy....physical therapy, x-rays, scans, labs, etc.
Chad has increased his physical therapy...walking more and climbing steps.
Remains on oxygen.
He is mentally back to normal. Talking, joking, etc
Chad's attitude is great. Knows there is a lot of work ahead of him so working hard to begin his new life.

All in all, doing well and plugging along....

Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

Chad and Family


Anesthesia can truly whack them out, and I've had puppies that rest continually for several days after surgery. The more he has the cone on the sooner he will get accustomed to it. A portion of the dormant states of mind could be expected to wearing the cone, however, that will stop in a day or two. do my homework for me. I wouldn't stress over the laziness for any less than 3 days. Happy to hear it didn't give off an impression of being dangerous.

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So sorry to hear about the fracture in Chad's rib. Oh my....Praying that the swelling goes down soon too. Chad...you are amazing!!!! We all love you! I can't wait to see the 'new you' :).....HUGS to Chad and his family!!!!! Jennie F.