Update: 9/8/2014

Chad is improving!

Sunday was a day of many "firsts" for Chad. He walked a short distance in the hallway, ate solid foods, and sat up for an extended length of time.

Monday morning included a lap around the hallway and ordering a 2-course lunch.

Chad's mental state is very good.
He is fully awake, visiting, and joking with the nurses.
Planning to move him from the ICU today.
Remains on oxygen to help him with the pain management.
Medical Staff is impressed with how he is rebounding.

All in all....doing very well!
Thanks for the continued support and prayers; we sincerely appreciate it!

A couple of pictures were also sent.

Chad and Family

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YIPPIE! We are all soooo happy to hear this news...LOVE and HUGS to Chad!!! Jennie Tell Chad everyone at MCC and all of his instructors are THRILLED!


Chad, we are all so excited for you and can't wait to hear about your first "aha" moment when you could breathe!!!  We've all been in the loop and appreciate the updates!

Take care!!

Sue, Mike, Jeanie, Dick, Gale, Larry, Ellen, Lee, Marcia, Cindy, Ron, Muff, Dick and lots of others who send their support and prayers!!