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Barb and Al Moraczewski
Chad, you are an inspiration and if you are anything like your Aunt Lori you are full of fun and energy (and a little craziness). Your aunt Lori and I have been friends since high school and she has shared your journey. Your Mom played the piano at our wedding in 1996. We wish you only the best and healthy days ahead! And Happy Valentine's Birthday!
Dana, John, Maggie and Keith Wood
Hello Chad-- we just received the most beautiful Valentine's day card from the Rauber family, our long lost neighbors and friends who lived across the street from us in Woodbury, MN about seven years ago. Their Valentine's card honors YOU. Wow.... we have never received such a heartfelt card as this... and we feel so blessed and honored to be wishing YOU a very special birthday. Actually you are giving US a gift at the moment because for some silly reason we thought the Rauber family was still living at a totally different address until this card arrived in our mailbox today and we took note of their return address label (we have an old Washington, DC address for them...) We see they now live only about 1/2 hour away from our son who is at Washington University in St Louis!!! Now that we know where Lori, et al, live we will reconnect via email. So, thank YOU for sharing a birthday/Valentine gift with US!!! What a small world.... Happy Birthday to you, Chad! You have given us much happiness today in helping us finally locate our long lost neighbors :o)
The Gast Family
Chad we are good friends of the Rauber family and want to wish you the happiest of birthdays! e have heard many great things about you and we too will do what we can to help you reach your goal. Happy Birthday!
Mary Harris
Happy Birthday Chad!! Your Aunt Lori and I were best friends in high school so I have known the entire Sellhorst clan a LONG time. I look forward to meeting you some day too. You are an inspiration Chad to so many people. Good thoughts and prayers are coming your way from Colorado for a successful benefit and a wonderful year ahead. Good luck!
Paula Cordan
Chad~I have been friends with your Aunt Lori for almost 20 years and during those years she has spoken so highly of you. I have voted for your truly amazing art work on line and I have heard of your struggles throughout the years. I also know you bring your family so much joy. In 23 years you have had to endure so much more than most people do in a lifetime. Stay strong and keep on fighting. May God bless you.
Marci Mulloy
Chad- I'm getting so excited for the press release to go out, so everyone in the KC area can get to see the struggles you are going through and to help donate to COTA in your honor! Everyone in the CF clinic at Children's Mercy have been talking about your Second Wind benefit and we are all getting excited for it. I've been working on some auction items! Take care and know that I'm rooting for you!
Karen Super
Hi Chad, Want you to know, I'm one of your biggest fans!! Your spirit just sparkles and shines for all around. No matter how sick you feel your spirit is positive and upbeat. There aren't many people in the world that could manage what you do on a daily basis & keep such a good handle on it all. Your sense of humor is priceless!! I'm behind you all the way. Sending all my love & support! I'm honored to be a part of your life. See you soon, Karen
Uncle Kevin and Aunt Lori
Chad--what's up Buttercup!!(you know who that came from:) You know that you are like a son to us and that no matter what, we are behind you 110% I've got all the little Raubers working as hard as they can to make sure we hit that goal!! Never a dull moment with you and that's just how we like it, your spunk has served you well in life, you are truly a gift--LOVE YOU!!
Dave, Nancy, Alex & Quinn Welzenbach
Chad, We are excited to help you in this next phase and will do our best to help raise the money needed for your transplant. We're very proud of you and your brothers and parents for all the hard work you have done.
Marci Mulloy
Chad- Just wanted to let you know how excited I am to be part of your fundraising campaign for COTA! You are such an inspiration and I am honored to help you in this journey! Now lets start raising some moolah for transplant related expenses!