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Andrea Carlson
Hi Chad! We are all praying for you and thinking of you!! Stay strong!!
Bonnie & Rich McCormick
Hi Chad! We're good friends of the Raubers, and also knew your parents when you lived in Omaha. We're so excited to see that you're closing in on reaching your goal. It's obvious that you have a lot of people who love you and admire you. Keep up the good fight and we'll continue to keep you in our prayers.
Jill Kocsis
Hi Chad, We are all so excited to come to Kansas City and support you! Looking forward to the benefit! :)
*Hi Chad. I just wanted to let you know that I have sent my 'plea' to all of Metropolitan Community Colleges e-mail accounts...and to my friends. I KNOW that you WILL reach your goal! You are near and dear to my heart! You have been one of my BEST (always A's!) art students...winning awards and hearts! Best of the Best!*
Marci Mulloy
Hey Chad- Just wanted to let you know we are getting super excited for the big benefit this month! I'm going to get a few auction items together and get them to Barb next week! Talk to you soon!
Cindy Sellhorst
Hi Chad! Ashley, Paige, Garrett and I are so excited to see you at your Second Wind Benefit. You are one brave young man and you have handled your challenges with such a positive attitude and inner strength. I am incredibly proud of you! I hope on the evening of your benefit you will take a moment to look around at all the people that love you and support you. Everyone is working hard to give you what you deserve! You are truly a gifted and special individual and I'm blessed to know you. Enough sappy stuff (lol!)...let's get this party started!! Love you, Cindy
Chad, Wishing you Happy Birthday!  We are looking forward to your special evening and celebrating with you and the Sellhorst family.  Our Very Best, Dennis & Mary Beth Welzenbach and the Welzenbach Gang!   
Tracy, Lou, Nick, Robert, Katryna & Louis Cocks (& Sanzotta) Fam
Happy Belated Birthday Chad. Our gang here in Haymarket, VA wish you a blessed year full of LOVE and laughter. LOVE radiates from your family and that is what the Rauber family truly is comprised of....L O V E. Your Aunt Lori & Uncle Kevin & cousins have touched so many lives in so many wonderful ways. It is evident how much they love and adore you. Have a good year young man. Many blessings are wished your way.
Tammy, John, Parker & Peyton Grimm
Happy Birthday Chad!! We hope you are having the best birthday ever. We are friends of your Aunt Lori and Uncle Kevin's family here in St. Louis. Parker and Peyton go to school with your cousins. Happy Valentines Day as well! You must certainly be a special young man, to have been born on Valentines Day. We sincerely hope that 2013 is your "lucky year". Stay strong and determined, as we know you can!! May God bless you always! The Grimm's
Young Family ( Tim, Patty, Nick)
Hello Chad, We have not met you personally, however we have heard so many amazing stories about you and feel like we know you! We are friends of Kevin, Lori and the gang from when they lived here in Virginia. We wish you all the best! Happy Birthday to you and Enjoy Your Day! May the dear Lord Bless You, Tim, Patty and Nick