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Claudia Ricks H...
Chad and family,  I was in the Pulm clinic the day of your transplant and heard the great news.  I have been praying for you each day.  What an amazing journey you all are on.  I give thanks that you are making such progress, but am aware that it is very, very work.  Blessings to each of you and continued prayers.  Claudia  
Shannon Graham
So happy that you finally received your new lungs Chad! I hope your recovery goes swiftly! Can't wait to hear all about your journey! Thinking of you & your family!
Gwyn Jarrett
Chad, You are a hero. You're a man of strength, courage, integrity, and patience. Love you so very much.
Chad....I think of you everyday!!!! I can't wait to take you out to lunch! You are AMAZING!!! We all love you!!!!!! Jennie  
Praise be to God
Oh my Chad, I just got your news! I'm overwhelmed with joy & thanks you received your transplant & recovering well! Chad I know you'll give it your all so keep on keepin on!!! Love & prayers to you & your family! Karen Super
Heidi & Dick Winkler
Chad, We are so happy to see how great you are doing. Our love goes out to you and your family. Can't wait for you to come home. Heidi & Dick Winkler
WOW!  That is such Exciting News that you are feeling better.  I love it that your Mom is documenting your "firsts."  We are all so Happy for you and your new Lungs.  Chad you are so good to be able to joke around already!  It sounds like your appetite is working too!  Our Prayers continue to flow to your entire family! Martha, Byron, Cam, and Anna!
SOOO incredibly proud of you Chad! you are the strongest man I have ever met! I am so happy to see you up and walking! Continue with the awesome improvement! Lots of prayers being sent your way!! Love you always!!
Paul and Barbara
What a dude, like the beard there! Great pictures on your blog. You look wonderful. We look forward to your daily Blog. Thanks Cheryl and Dave for taking the time to keep us posted.
Barbara and Paul
AWESOME!!!!!! This is so exciting...Our prayers and thoughts are with you Chad. Keep up the good work..