Update: 9/6/14

Today is a VERY GOOD day for Chad. He had his breathing tube taken out, is conversing with people, vital signs are "stellar," will be eating soft foods, and moving to a chair for the first time. Thanking everyone for your support and prayers!!


No big news today.  Still resting.


Chad is running a fever but his temperature has come down to 100.6.  They have him sitting up and he is responding to commands but continues to be heavily medicated.  As he continues to improve through out today the plan tomorrow is to remove the bronchia tube allowing him to breath on his own and to reduce medication allowing him to be fully awake.

The care nurse indicated he is doing well and improving as planned.

Chad's Status

The doctor said the surgery went as expected with no issues.  The next 48 hours will be critical and they will be watching Chad closely. 

Out of Surgery

Chad is out of surgery and the surgical team is finishing up.  The surgery went well and as planned.  The doctor will be out in a hour to hour and a half to discuss the surgery.

Surgical Update

Update 15 minutes ago from the surgical team, surgery is going well and according to plan.

Chad's New Life

Chad entered surgery today at 2:00 pm, everything is going well and surgery is expected to last approximately 6 hours.

Second Wind Benefit

Thanks to everyone for your interest in the "Second Wind Benefit" and for the outpouring of support in honor of Chad.  With everyone's hard work, we can make this a great success!

Dave and Cheryl Sellhorst (Chad's parents)



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