Update: 4/22/2015

As many of you already know, Chad's Eternal life began April 18, 2015.  It is with great sadness that we are sharing this news with you but wanted to keep you informed.

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The Sellhorsts



Update: 12/16/201

Good News!

Chad was discharged and we are now home in Kansas City.
What a Christmas gift Chad has received this year!!

He is under doctor orders for the following 4-6 months to rest and regain his weight and strength. Even though we will be making frequent trips back to Minneapolis for his follow-up care, he is anxious to start preparing for his new life.

Wishing you and your family a very blessed holiday season.
We will always be "so very grateful " for everyone's support.
Thank you!!!

The Sellhorst Family

The Sellhorsts

Update: 12/01/2014

All is going well I'm Minneapolis.....

Chad has been discharged and living in the apartment for the past month. We continue our routine of pills, doctor appointments, x-rays, labs, and physical therapy. Lots of hard work in regaining energy and strength but progressing nicely.

Doctors are hopeful we can be home by Christmas!

So much to be thankful for this year!
Thanking you for your support and prayers.

Chad and Family

Update: 10/28/2014

Good News!

As a result of our wonderful team of doctors/staff and two months of consistent hard work by Chad, he has finally turned a corner since the last update. Chad:

***Has been nearly weaned off of all oxygen
***Continues to improve his physical therapy endurance
***Has been transitioned to all pills--with one IV exception

We are anticipating a discharge soon. Once he is out of the hospital, he will be joining me at the campus apartment. We then begin our next phase--frequent clinic visits to the transplant clinic. We will also be learning our new permanent routine, going to physical therapy, and tackling extensive daily breathing/vest treatments for a month or so. Not sure how long we will remain in Minnesota but thankful we are so close to our new doctors in case anything should arise. They will be working closely with us in educating and ensuring we are comfortable with Chad's new regimen.

Update: 10/17/2014

Chad continues with his recovery process....

Because of Chad's rib fracture and pneumonia, this stay has taken on a longer time frame than we had anticipated. However, he continues to improve so that is our focus.


**Continues to work very hard in getting better. He is busy all day long with occasional rest breaks. He is forging ahead with steps to eliminate the pneumonia and lessen the pain from the rib fracture.
**Works hard on his physical therapy daily. This is probably the area that has shown the most improvement during the past couple of weeks. He is now able to walk without any support (IV pole or wheelchair). His daily sessions have been lengthened in order to build up his endurance. In addition to walking the halls and working on various step equipment, he recently began walking up and down several ramps within the hospital; this provides the best workout thus far.
**No longer has swelling in his legs and arms.
**Remains on oxygen.

Update: 10/7/2014

Chad continues with his recovery process.....

Last week was a tougher week for Chad. The highlight of the week was twice completing a process whereby the doctor inserted an instrument into the right lung to extract accumulated fluid and obtain a tissue sample. The right lung (the affected lung near the rib fracture) is showing some pneumonia. He will have a couple more of these procedures in the coming days.


**Slept most of the week
**Continues with physical therapy--he is improving with each session
**Moved to another room with a beautiful view--many trees, river, and a bridge. This was a good change for him mentally
**Remains on oxygen
**Ventured out of the room during the weekend and headed to the cafeteria

As of today--Monday 10/6-- he was feeling much better because of the fluid extraction last week. Tomorrow, he will be weaned down to less oxygen. The doctors continue to be pleased with his progress.

Thank you for the prayers and support!

Update: 9/25/14

Chad continues with his recovery process.....

As with any major surgery, there are ususually "bumps in the road" that occur. This is what we faced this past week.

**It was discovered that Chad has a fractured rib (most likely happened during surgery)
**Increased swelling in legs and one arm

Steps have been taken to deal with the above.
His day is busy....physical therapy, x-rays, scans, labs, etc.
Chad has increased his physical therapy...walking more and climbing steps.
Remains on oxygen.
He is mentally back to normal. Talking, joking, etc
Chad's attitude is great. Knows there is a lot of work ahead of him so working hard to begin his new life.

All in all, doing well and plugging along....

Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

Chad and Family

Update: 9/18/2014

Chad continues with his recovery process....

Chad has now been transitioned off of IV pain meds and onto oral pain meds.
Because of this, he is in more pain and slower moving.
He is walking/exercising 2-3 times daily...very important to have him up and moving. Chad really enjoys his rest breaks during the day....the physical therapists are wearing him out!
Remains on low oxygen during the early days of recovery.
Eating well.

All in all....doing well. As you can imagine, this will be a longer road for Chad. The doctors are pleased with his progress.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

Chad and Family

Update: 9/11/14


Chad continues to improve!

He has moved from the ICU into a regular room.
Is walking further and for longer periods of time each day.
Does a variety of daily exercises each day to get stronger.
Eating well.
Remains on oxygen to aid him in managing the pain.
Slowly making the transition from IV pain meds to Oral pain meds.
Seems to be slightly ahead of the typical recovery.
Remains in good spirits.
No complications.

All in all....doing just fine!

Thanks for all the support and prayers.

Chad and Family

Update: 9/8/2014

Chad is improving!

Sunday was a day of many "firsts" for Chad. He walked a short distance in the hallway, ate solid foods, and sat up for an extended length of time.

Monday morning included a lap around the hallway and ordering a 2-course lunch.

Chad's mental state is very good.
He is fully awake, visiting, and joking with the nurses.
Planning to move him from the ICU today.
Remains on oxygen to help him with the pain management.
Medical Staff is impressed with how he is rebounding.

All in all....doing very well!
Thanks for the continued support and prayers; we sincerely appreciate it!

A couple of pictures were also sent.

Chad and Family

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